Here is what we are doing for the Local Showcase at Knuckleheads on Wednesdays

      Here is what we do

1.   We Provide the sound and lights, and all Technicians support needed 

2.   Advertising on all Marquees and in-house monitors, website, etc
3.  You and your band members will get a sandwich and drink tickets
4.  A live audio and video recording of your showcase that is yours to take home
5.  A tip container will be set up for the folks to tip you and those tips are all yours to keep 

6.  Live Web streaming of the show

 There is no pay from Knuckleheads for your performance except the services and tips you receive

     Here is what you do

1.  Bring in your band and use the Knuckleheads Stage and all our Techs

2.  The chance to invite your friends, family, buyers and other club owners ,  agents and other

     representatives to actually watch you in a live environment

    Please fill out the form and submit it to get your self or band reviewed

    Please attach your YouTube or EPK 

Send your name and your band's name, a Youtube of your band or a link to a EKP, tell us a little about your band and genres of music they play.  email to 

with Showcase in the subject line

So here is what we are doing​. for the showcase.

Show will start 7:30pm sharp
3 bands doing a 50 minute set this night with each band using house Drum kit and Bass Amp, we will also set out a couple guitar amps that you can use or set your own up there will only be 10 minutes to change over bands since it's a week night we need to keep things moving. if you need anything like keyboards please let us know in advance. also please send us a stage plot even if it a pencil drawing so we can be ready for you, thanks for signing up and I know we will have a great time and you will walk away with some great footage and audio recording of your show. we will also set out a tip box and encourage people to tip the bands. that is all yours. so bring all your friends and family


Please attach your Youtube or a EPK

We try and be as fair as we can and want our bands to bring in their friends and family. so what we do is have the bands draw straws to see what order they play in