The Secret Sisters (full band) with Logan Ledger

The Secret Sisters

Logan Ledger

Ages 21+
Southern women in the 21st century, convicted by their beliefs: The Secret Sisters!!

The Secret Sisters — Laura and Lydia Rogers — grapple with love and loss on fourth album Saturn Return . Produced by Brandi Carlile and Phil and Tim Hanseroth, Saturn Return represents a new era of The Secret Sisters. For the first time in their ten - year recording career , the Grammy - nominated duo composed all of th e songs without any co - writers and sang as individuals in the studio instead of relying solely on close harmony singing. Songs range from “Cabin,” a powerful anthem written in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings, to “Hold You Dear,” a tender ballad about new motherhood.

Bay Area-bred singer/songwriter Logan Ledger sets most of his songs in lightless or shadowy spaces: the bottom of the ocean, the abandoned cells of Alcatraz, dreamless bedrooms, desolate streets in the dead of night. Produced by 13-time Grammy winner T Bone Burnett, the Nashville based artist’s self-titled debut matches his moody noir lyricism with a darkly toned take on country music, a sound that’s stylistically wayward yet deeply grounded in classic songmanship.

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120