The Lacs  ‘The Rise and Shine Tour’ with Demun Jones

The Lacs

Ages 21+
“There’s always gonna be old-school country fans that ain’t ever gonna accept rap but the people who do; it can touch them."


You and I both know that America has been through a lot these past few years. Clay “Uncle Snap” Sharpe and Brian “Rooster” King know it better than most. But as The Lacs, they’ve had a unique view of where we’ve been, where we’re going — and what parts of our identity haven’t changed at all.

On American Rebelution, their aptly titled sixth album, The Lacs take all that they’ve witnessed, roll it up in a unique sound they call “dirt rock” and lay down the truth as they see it. Yes, these 12 tracks stand on the hip-hop/country/Southern rock bedrock Clay and Brian pioneered along with a handful of other innovators. But that’s just the beginning of this story.

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120