The Hillbenders  with Lily B Moonflower

The HillBenders

Ages 21+
Hillbenders are one of the most energetic and engaging progressive acoustic bands on the scene and they continue to wow audiences


“Making a record has never been this easy. We have polished these songs over the past couple years, trying them out on audiences as encores at shows when we performed The Who’s TOMMY: A Bluegrass Opry. So when the spirit of the desert took hold at Eric Uglum’s New Wine Studios in Apple Valley, California, we knocked out the album quickly, collectively, and with confidence. It’s a pleasurable rarity being able to work with all the original band members, for over 10 years now, making records and touring around this beautiful country. Now that these tunes are out in the universe, the fun begins with sharing them and marinating on what’s next on our musical journey.” –Jim Rea

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120