Ages 21+
Perhaps ‘Family Band’ is the wrong way to describe SHEL. Family comes close, but sisterhood rings true.

SHEL is a folk/pop band from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band is composed of the four Holbrook sisters, where SHEL is an acronym for their names, Sarah, Hannah, Eva and Liza

When the gatekeepers of the music world tried to contain the superpowers of four creative sisters - walls fell. The rubble (made mostly of ‘writer’s block’), became the ground floor of a new start. Tossing away the assembly-line process and embracing the freedom of the unknown, the sisters reconnected with their intuition and one another in a force of genetic creativity bent on healing.

“There’s a code of love that preserves our purpose.” Says Eva, lead singer and mandolinist of SHEL. You can feel this code in the colorful sound and imagery of the band’s newest collection, starting with Rainbow; a soft, but powerful anthem inviting us to embrace unity in the midst of fear. “I had a vision of women in India when I started writing Rainbow, but I had no idea it would lead me to Vrindavan, or what it would mean to hold the women there in my arms. Their strength and hope changed me and made me realize the necessity of family and community.”

Rainbow became the symbol of a new era for SHEL. The band cleared the fields, let the ground rest and waited to see what would grow naturally. In the time spent creating as sisters instead of bandmates, a deep desire for connection through honest expression blossomed. “There’s a joy and fulfillment that we share as creatives when we take responsibility for our dreams.” Says Hannah, pianist and oldest sister of the band. “We want to bring healing to the world. You can only do that if your collaboration is healthy.”

With the sisterhood front and center, the scenes of a full-length album began to unfold with exciting depth and vividness, but something else was happening. “These incredibly joyful songs started to spring up.” Recalls Eva. “We’re very grateful we had an opportunity to capture them with Tim Myers and Joey Verskotzi, but none of us saw an EP like Wild Child coming. We were processing some pretty heavy and traumatic life events in writing the album, and then we were given this pause to celebrate and share the joy of our journey.”

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120