Samantha Fish (Night 1) Livestream Ticket Only

Samantha Fish (Night 1) Livestream Ticket Only

$15.00 On Livestream/ Cleeng
Ages 21+
Samantha is a charismatic young singer-guitarist-songwriter has earned a reputation as a rising guitar hero (LIVESTREAM ONLY)

This is a livestream ticket only for those who want to watch from home. The live show will sell out and this ticket will not get you access in to the live show. This is for a online only livestream.

“That was my mission on this album: To really set these songs up so that they have a life of their own,” says Samantha Fish about Kill or Be Kind, her sixth solo album and her debut on Rounder Records. “Strong messages from the heart – that’s what I really set out for.” Indeed, what comes across immediately on hearing the album is the extraordinary level of songcraft on its eleven tracks, the way these songs are so smartly put together to deliver a potent emotional impact.

Anyone who has ever heard Fish’s previous albums knows that she has earned a place in the top rank of contemporary blues guitarists and that her voice can wring the soul out of a ballad and belt out a rocker with roof-shaking force. And, rest reassured, those virtues are fully in evidence on Kill or Be Kind. But each of the songs on the album does far more than simply provide a setting for Fish’s pyrotechnics. They tell captivating stories, set up by verses that deftly set the scene, choruses that lift with real feeling, and hooks that later rise up in your thoughts, even when you’re not aware that you’re thinking of music at all. It’s the kind of songwriting that emerges when raw talent is leavened by experience and aspiration, and when a committed artist genuinely has something to say. Those qualities make Kill or Be Kind a genuine artistic breakthrough for Fish.

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120