Noah Davis & Heavy  Electric The  Jubilee Mystics in the Gospel Lounge

Noah Davis & Heavy Electric

Jubilee mystics

Ages 21+
Rock, Punk, Folk --Music to move the Soul


The Jubilee Mystics are a cooperative skiffle punk folk orchestra

For Noah, the love of music began at a young age while his father played old gospel and blues albums. Noah recalls his late father explaining the meanings of songs by bands such as Cream, CCR, Curtis Mayfield, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. A multiracial kid whose parents both loved rock and soul,and introduced Noah to the Ed Sullivan Show. Noah came to realize early on in life that music is NOT about color, but about the heart and soul. Jimi Hendrix's concept of the musical church made a lasting impression on Noah who took it to heart and fully embraced these ideals, demonstrating that music should not just entertain but speak to and heal, hearts, minds,and souls.

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120