Luke Winslow-King

Luke Winslow-King


Luke Winslow-King is a New Orleans-based guitarist, singer, composer, producer, and songwriter. His work is an eclectic mix that combines Mississippi delta blues, folk music, traditional jazz, and roots rock & roll. His alchemical songs blend contemporary ideas with styles from bygone eras producing a sound that is rustic and urbane, elegant and entirely his own. It is a sound that looks to the past to move to the future. This along with his burgundy voice, dapper attire and versatile guitar playing have earned him a reputation as a musician who delivers soulfully energetic and dynamic performances. This very special duo concert features world renown guitarist Roberto Luti.


Luke Winslow-King has collaborated with New Orleans legends and wunderkinds alike, including Dr. John, John Boutté, Luti, Little Freddy King, Washboard Chaz, and Meschiya Lake. In addition to holding down residencies at numerous venues and releasing four studio records over the course of nine years, he has toured extensively in North America and Europe, appearing on notable stages such as Austin City Limits, New Orleans JazzFest, Azkena Rock Festival (Spain), Paradiso (Netherlands), Maverick Festival (UK), and countless more.


Guitarist Roberto Luti met Luke Winslow-King back in 2002 in New Orleans. The two quickly became a close friends, and Luti had some major influences on Luke’s guitar playing. After years of friendship, making music, and touring Europe together, Roberto is finally joining Luke on tour in the US. Luti is also a part of the Playing for Change Band. He was introduced to the project 8 years ago, and feels proud and honored to be able to help the Playing For Change cause with his music. As he explains, “playing music is my life, it is how I meet friends, how I have good time, how I overcome difficulties, and how I travel and buy my bread.”

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120