Keller Williams "Pettygrass" feat. Hillbenders

Keller Williams "Pettygrass" feat. Hillbenders

$34.50 - $55.00


Shortly after the tragic passing of Tom Petty, multi-instrumentalist Keller Williams shared a series of PettyGrass demos he made. Keller recently revealed he will take his bluegrass-tinged tribute to Tom Petty on the road for a series of select festival appearances later this year.

As first reported by Billboard, Keller Williams will team with the Hillbenders to bring PettyGrass to both FloydFest and Redwood Ramble festivals this July. “I’m kinda going to be the singer and the Hillbenders, I think are going to take the project to the next level,” said Williams who also informed Billboard he aims to add more PettyGrass gigs to his touring schedule.


Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120