Jake Stringer & Better Than Nothin'

Jake Stringer & Better Than Nothin'

Ages 21+
“It's Pure, Whiskey-drinking Classic Country.”

After Spending Most Of His 20's On The Road As A Drummer For Artists Such As David Allan Coe, Onward, Etc., Mark Chapman Band, The Wasted Ways And Countless Others, Jake Stringer Decided It Was Time To Take The Music In His Head And Do Something With It. He Bought A Guitar, Learned A Couple Chords, And Began Channeling The Great Country Music Of The Past. Over The Next Year, He And Steel Guitarist And Longtime Friend Zach Mourning Put Together A Cast Of Characters To Form What Would Be Known As, "Better Than Nothin'".

In March 2017, After Spending Much Of 2016 Playing Every Roadhouse In Southwest Missouri, Jake And Better Than Nothin' Released Their Debut Ep, "Let The Wolf Out." The Ep Got The Band Out On The Road, Sharing The Stage With Acts Such As Porter Union, Justin Wells, Frank Foster, Reckless Kelly, And William Clark Green, To Name A Few...

The Road Eventually Led The Band Back Home To Southwest Missouri, Where They Worked Up A New Batch Of Songs And A New Plan. In October Of 2018, Jake Stringer And The Boys Released "Howdy... We've Been Expecting You"; The First Album To Be Released Under The Name "Jake Stringer"


Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120