Donnie Miller with Andy Ross “American Rebel”

Donnie Miller with Andy Ross “American Rebel”

Ages 21+
American Rock from Andy Ross and Donnie Miller!!

2020 Kansas Music Hall of Fame inductee Donnie Miller is having a birthday party on August 16th and he’s bringing some friends. Come early for the open jam and stay for the late show.

Donnie Miller. A small town boy from DaVille...Coffeyville,KS. A place with a storied history of outlaws. And 45 years playing thousands of shows including funky dive bars, larger theaters and major concert tours, he's chiseled that outlaw spirit into a second coming thru the power of the blues. An AOR artist during the first part of his career but playing the blues the last 25 lends it's power to his guitar and vocals.

Andy Ross burns patriotic fuel and lays constitutional rubber as he bow hunts the extreme, rocks stages across this great country and brings quality products to the marketplace.

Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120