American Aquarium

American Aquarium

$20.00 - $100.00
Ages 21+
"I think when you listen to this record, something is going to change in you. You’re going to feel something.."

“Country music was the voice of the people. It wasn’t always the prettiest voice, but it was an honest voice,” says American Aquarium founder and frontman BJ Barham. “I think that’s where country music has lost its way.” He pauses, then adds, North Carolina accent thick and voice steady: “I operate in the dark shadows of what we don’t want to talk about in the South.”

These days, those shadows are tall and wide, making it hard to recognize a neighbor, family–– even yourself. On American Aquarium’s new album Lamentations, Barham shines light on dark American corners with heartbreaking conversations, long looks in the mirror, and empathetic questions, all through songwriting that is clear without sacrificing its poetry, and direct without losing its humanity. “As a songwriter, my number one job is to observe and then translate what I observe into a song, a story, a lesson,” Barham says. “I’d be doing myself and the listener a huge disservice if I didn’t talk about the things I see, which is a country, divided.”

Ultimately, Lamentations is a thrilling portrait of an artist and his band reaching new levels of skill, consciousness, and potential after 20 years in the trenches. Unruly and sincere, Barham emerges as an important American voice––and an unlikely peacemaker. “I’ve had to work really hard to carry water as a songwriter,” he says. “It feels really good to be in my mid-30s, writing songs that I think matter. I think when you listen to this record, something is going to change in you. You’re going to feel something. That’s the most important part of songwriting: making someone feel.

American Aquarium Pre-Show Meet & Greet Experience:

  • One premium reserved ticket in the first rows
  • VIP early entry into the venue
  • Exclusive meet & greet with American Aquarium
  • Personal photograph with American Aquarium
  • Access to a private pre-show soundcheck performance by American Aquarium
  • Q&A session with American Aquarium
  • One tour poster, autographed by American Aquarium
  • Commemorative meet & greet laminate
  • Merchandise shopping opportunity before doors open to public
  • Limited availability

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Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue
Kansas City, MO, 64120