A Police and The Cars Tribute

A Police and The Cars Tribute

Under 21 With Guardian
Synchronicity (Tribute to The Police) &  Just What I Needed (Tribute to The Cars)

"Synchronicity" (A Tribute to The Police)

Two of the most influential bands of the 80's (that started in the 70's)

All seasoned musicians from the Kansas City area, forming together to bring you a top notch live rendition of one of their favorites, & one of THE most influential bands in pop history!

Combining rock/reggae/ska/punk/jazz/dance to create one of the 80’s-New-Wave era’s most important bands,…… The Police!

Enjoy a high energy show featuring so many fun & hugely popular radio & video hits of the 80’s with “Synchronicity” KC,….a tribute to The Police

Just What I Needed ( A Tribute to The Cars)

The Ultimate Cars Tribute Band featuring Scott Simmons as Ric Ocasek, Bobby Kerr as Ben Orr, Aaron Neal as Elliot Easton, Jeremy Beach as Greg Hawkes & Larry Garland as David Robinson



Venue Information:
2715 Rochester Avenue

Kansas City, MO, 64120